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Kadazandusun traditional food.

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Simply Delicious Easy Cooking: Bosou (KadazanDusun signature dish)

Bosou (KadazanDusun signature dish)

Bosou is a signature dish for KadazanDusun. There are various types of bosou such as bosou Sada (preserved fish), bosou nangko (preserved jack fruit), mix vegetables bosou (preserved mix vege) and many more. The smell is strong, yet the taste is uniquely delicious.

In the past, it has become a practice by postnatal mother to eat bosou because it's believed can increase the production of breast milk (should be heated first with a little water and some ginger).

Current generations are more creative, they have different ways to consume bosou to suit it with their tastes. Some may stir-fry it with onions, red chillies, sabahan white chillies, tuhau and any other ingredients. Some even eat it with western food like spaghetti. Usually it is served as a side dish.

photo credit to - Spaghetti Bosou Bolognese

Bosou Sada
(preserved fish)
  1. Fresh water fish
  2. Hot cooked rice
  3. Buah pangi (keluak fruit)
  4. salt
pangi @ keluak fruit

  • Clean the fish and drain off the remaining water.
  • Pound pangi fruit into a powdery substances.
  • Put the hot rice and fresh water fish in a bowl. Stir briefly and let to cool.
  • Once cool, add pangi fruit and salt. Mix until well blended.
  • Put inside bottle or airtight jar.
  • Only to be eaten after fermented for a couple of weeks.
  • To enhance the fragrance and its sour flavor, warm it or stir fry before serving.
The bosou - after stir-fried with tuhau, shallot, and sabahan white chili

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