Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bosou in our hearts.

I can totally relate to people living oversea and having little to none availability of traditional food like bosou and bambangan.

When i went to Australia it takes me time to adjust my diet. Foods were different there. Of course i can still get rice and indomee and kicap ABC but... I want my bosou and tuhau and bambangan!
Living my life travelling to different places in Oz, sometimes life brought me to my knees and sometimes I was just out and about life was a total breeze. Sadly the closest food to bosou that i could have is sambal bilis.

Set aside the fact that most western country doesn't have/sell the ingredient for us to actually make these sweet traditional food ourselves. To make it even harder, even the immigration won't let these yummy foods pass through their border! Sad sad sad.. =(
I've seen what happened. The officer will either have you throw it out or eat it before you pass their lines.
I'll go like "Sure i'll eat it here Omnomnomnomnom" gahaha

Well that's a bit of my experience. Let us see what other Sabahan like me have to endure in living oversea and craving for these dreamy traditional food.

Story 1

Thanks to for a hearty share about the significance of bosou in his life.

Bosou and Bambangan in Scotland!!

Bambangan with red onions are fantastic
The red chillies are delicious with Bosou

"Although I have lived here in the UK for almost three years but I still cannot forget Bosou and Bambangan"

"we had to go to the river or sometimes rice field to find the fish for the Bosou"

"I still can clearly remember our poorness that time"

"But then my life has changed me to be someone stronger and Bosou and Bambangan are two dishes that I never forget and still two of my very best dishes ever!!!!! Because of them my family survived from hunger"

For his full story bout his awesome childhood and incredible sisters go here

Story 2

Another post courtesy of relaying her attachment to the king of Kadazandusun traditional food, Bosou. =)

"next flight; to the Manchester Airport. It took 20 minutes ride."

"Luckily, the custom officer didn't confiscate the medicine. And as for the milk, hubby were asked to drink it. Tapi nasib juga bosou terlimpas haha.. Dorang tidak ternampak tu bosou.. Syukur Tuhan! :P "

"I must say, grateful and praise to the Lord sebab tu bosou tidak kena tangkap haha.. and of course because we reached UK safely. Thank You GOD.."

How far she was from her native land?

"almost 13 hours journey and 6990 miles away from Kota Kinabalu"

Yes! That's what I'm saying. No matter how far we are from Sabah. Bosou will always be in our heart. :)

For her full story

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